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"We're not just another "solar company"…We will do everything we can to make sure that you and your family get the most value & the most savings out of your solar system…"
Elizabeth Moats | Founder & CEO

About Solar Holmes, Inc.

Solar Holmes Inc, Upland CASolar Holmes is a family owned and operated solar company that places it's values in serving you and your family at the highest level possible…

As our founder Elizabeth has stated many times…

"I want to make sure that I can bump into our clients in the grocery store and be confident in greeting them knowing that we did everything we possibly could to give them the very best products and service. I refuse to be the contractor that sees a client and has to cover my face and sneak away unnoticed…"

At Solar Holmes, we sell nothing but the best solar products available on the market so you can rest assured knowing that your solar panels & system will continue to harvest the natural energy of the sun, day in and day out, giving you exponential savings on your energy bill…

Solar Holmes Inc, Upland CAOne of the biggest differences between us & the typical solar installer is our solar installation methodology.

We believe that along with being able to save you money on your monthly energy bill, your solar system should be a thing of beauty and not an eye sore that you've probably already seen in your own neighborhood.

Instead of slapping up panels and having exposed wires and conduit running exposed all across your roof, we inlay all of our panels into the tiles on your roof and give them a "wireless look" by running all of your conduit through the attic.

When other contractors install solar panels, it looks like solar panels on a roof. When we install solar panels, it looks like a beautiful skylight nestled into your roof…

Sure it takes a few more days, and costs a bit more money, but if you want to enjoy the savings of solar while becoming the talk of the town with your sleek and luxurious "skylight" solar system, then Solar Holmes is your ticket to a beautiful & efficient solar energy system!

Our Mission for Solar Installation

Solar Holmes Inc, Upland CAWe're passionate about delivering an exceptional solar installation experience. When you hire us, you're hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver lasting value to your home.

From the initial design process to construction completion, we consider ourselves humble guests in your home, and as such respect your personal privacy and space.

We apply the most innovative and cutting edge designs in today's solar market. You can rely on our professional team to make recommendations that fit your taste and style but always give you the final word.

In It for the Long Haul!

Solar Holmes Inc, Upland CAWe're committed to an aesthetic design along with serving you with quality and value.

Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Making your home look the best it can, not the ugliest install on the block. We take the time and care to install conduit runs in your attic. not exposed conduit running all over your roof. Also when applicable we will design your roof to accommodate solar NOT retrofit it. (Beautiful skylight inlay look effect.)

Also by working with the most efficient panels (Sunpower) we can produce more electricity on limited and challenging roofs.

Why Choose Us?

We Love What We Do!
The right care can ensure the success of any installation. We take pride in the finish product. Our quality of work goes beyond the clean and professional installation,t the office staff is working for you to keep you updated on your status of your project, and compliance with your electric provider for a fast and painless transition to net metering.

See What Other People Are Saying About Solar Holmes...

"I couldn't be happier! The staff at Solar Holmes was absolutely awesome. Elisabeth Moats was my first contact with this new company... The whole process took only a few days once all the equipment was received from the suppliers... We couldn't be happier. I look up at the panels and smile every day!"

Bruce S.
Upland, CA

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