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  • The One Reason Why Most Homeowners Unknowingly Forfeit Their 30% Federal Tax Credit On Their Solar Energy System & How You Can Ensure You KEEP More Money In Your Pocket…
  • Why Leasing Your Solar System Is The ULTIMATE Bate & Switch Tactic That Most Solar Companies Use To Take Advantage Of Home Owners…
  • The Truth Behind Solar Panel Installations & The Exact Questions You Need To Ask To Make Sure That Your Solar Panels Look Like A Luxurious Skylight On Top Of Your Home Rather Than A Bunch Of Sloppy Panels With Wires Going Everywhere…
  • How Swimming Pools Can Be The Source Behind Your High Energy Bills & How One Simple Hack For Your Pool Can Cut Your Energy Costs In Half…

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"I couldn't be happier! The staff at Solar Holmes was absolutely awesome. Elisabeth Moats was my first contact with this new company... The whole process took only a few days once all the equipment was received from the suppliers... We couldn't be happier. I look up at the panels and smile every day!"

Bruce S.
Upland, CA

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