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Frequently asked questions

Are You A SunPower Dealer?

Yes, we are. We also are a dealer for other superior products as well.

What happens when my electrical power provider goes down?

In the daytime you will have minimal power. If is nighttime you will not have any power unless we use an emergency backup system(s). Depending on the amp of the batteries will determine what you can run. ***This is VERY pricey***

Do we always need to upgrade our Electrical Panel?

Not always, it depends on if you're the size of solar system and the size of the electrical panel and if we need to use additional inverters.

What sections of my roof are the most effective?

South and west facing.

Will my roof have electrical wiring running all over my roof?

No, 99% of our cases we do an attic run so that you will not see the electrical wiring (electrical conduit) running all over your roof, and this is more efficient for your system.

I have vents on my roof, what is done about that?

If they can be relocate we will do this. Relocating them, this is to prevent unnecessary shading on panels as well getting the most esthetic and uniformed array.

How will you install panels if I have a tile roof?

We will remove tiles where the panels are going to be placed and place a 40 yr. composition tile under the panels. Is this a standard procedure? No, most companies will walk all over your tiles and break them and then drill into them to place panels. Our install makes your panels look like skylights.

Should I really care about the type of panels we choose?

Most certainly! Not all panels are created equal. Not all manufactures financial stability are the same. Not all cells are the same. Warranties vary as well. And If you do have an enough roof space a higher efficient panel(s) may be required.

Can I monitor each panel?

Yes, you can.

Do I need to monitor each panel?

Personal preference.

Does Solar Holmes offer these options?

Yes, we certainly do.

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"I couldn't be happier! The staff at Solar Holmes was absolutely awesome. Elisabeth Moats was my first contact with this new company... The whole process took only a few days once all the equipment was received from the suppliers... We couldn't be happier. I look up at the panels and smile every day!"

Bruce S.
Upland, CA

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